Face-to-face sessions during Covid-19

To keep us as safe as possible and reduce the risk of the spread of Covid-19, the following is in place at Evolve, 31 Park Square West, and The Practice Rooms, 45a Park Square East:


  • The premises are fully cleaned weekly;

  • There is hand sanitizer available inside the building entrance/exit and in the therapy rooms;

  • There are posters on the walls providing guidance on social distancing and hand sanitizing;

  • There are no waiting rooms is in use;

  • At 31 Park Square West the toilets have been closed. The toilets at 45a Park Square East are open but there are instructions in them on how to clean them between use for you to follow.


We will also agree to do the following:


  • Cancel and not attend a session if either of us have symptoms of Covid-19 or need to self-isolate;

  • Wear a mask in all corridors and communal areas. Masks are optional during sessions;

  • Sit 2 metres apart during sessions;

  • Outside of the therapy room, remain 2 metres apart from others, such as when going up and down the stairs and entering/exiting the building;

  • Use hand sanitizer when entering and exiting the building;

  • Have the window open to allow air to circulate;

  • Use tissues to catch a sneeze or cough and dispose of them in the bin;

  • Send documents electronically wherever possible.


In addition, I ask you to do the following:


  • Cancel and not attend a session if you have symptoms of Covid-19 or need to self-isolate;

  • Arrive on time for the scheduled start of the session and not earlier because there are no waiting rooms in use;

  • Attend sessions alone unless you need help from a carer;

  • Bring your own hot drink to sessions if you would like one;

  • Bring your own water and tissues to sessions, but I will have water and tissues if you need them;

  • Pay for sessions by bank transfer before the session, so that we do not have to handle cash.


I will also do this:


  • Cancel and not attend a session if I have symptoms of Covid-19 or need to self-isolate;

  • Clean surfaces and door handles in the counselling room and tidy the room between sessions.


I have done what I can to minimise the risk and keep us safe, but I cannot eliminate risk entirely. Therefore, in choosing to come to face-to-face sessions you are acknowledging this and attend sessions at your own risk.


The latest NHS coronavirus guidance can be found at: