In-person sessions during Covid-19

To keep us as safe as possible and reduce the risk of the spread of Covid-19, the following is in place at Evolve, 31 Park Square West, and The Practice Rooms, 45a Park Square East:

  • The premises are fully cleaned regularly and I sanitize surfaces in the therapy room between sessions;

  • There is hand sanitizer available inside the building entrance/exit and in the therapy rooms;

  • There are posters on the walls providing guidance on social distancing and hand sanitizing.


We will also agree to do the following:


  • Cancel and not attend a session if either of us have symptoms of Covid-19 or test positive for Covid-19

  • Sit 2 metres apart during sessions;

  • Have the window open to allow air to circulate during sessions.

In addition, I ask you to do the following:

  • Arrive on time for the scheduled start of the session to minimise the use of any waiting room;

  • Attend sessions alone unless you need help from a carer;

  • Pay for sessions by bank transfer before the session, so that we do not have to handle cash.

I have done what I can to minimise the risk and keep us safe, but I cannot eliminate risk entirely. Therefore, in choosing to come to in-person sessions you are acknowledging this and attend sessions at your own risk.

The latest NHS coronavirus guidance can be found at: