Getting ready for Online and Telephone sessions

For online and telephone sessions:


  • Find a private comfortable space where you will not be overheard. I suggest sitting on something where your back is supported and encourage you to get up and move if you start to feel uncomfortable.


  • You may wish to put a note on the door of the room requesting that other people do not disturb you except in an emergency.

  • I suggest using headphones or a headset if possible. This improves the sound quality, minimises distractions and can keep the content of our sessions more private. It can also be more comfortable for telephone sessions.

  • You are welcome to bring water or a cup of tea or coffee with you to the session.


  • Please avoid alcohol and drugs prior to and during the session.


  • Give yourself time after the session to process what we have talked about before re-joining your family, working or making other calls.


  • I will ask you for the details of an emergency contact at the start of our work together. This person would need to know that you are having counselling to avoid confusion if I must call them.


For online sessions:


  • You will need an internet connection with enough bandwidth for video calls.


  • Close other applications and browser windows on your device.


  • If possible, ask others in your house to avoid using the internet for activities that require a lot from your internet connection during our session, such as streaming videos.


  • If you want to have sessions online where we can hear but not see each other, we can discuss this. 


  • If you want to change the settings on Zoom, so that you cannot see your own video stream, I can guide you on how to do that.


For telephone sessions:


  • I will call you at the agreed time to start sessions.


  • Close other applications and browser windows and turn off notifications on your phone. You may be able to switch on a ‘Do not disturb’ mode after you start our call.


  • Adjust the settings on your phone so that you are not disturbed by incoming calls during our sessions.