How I work


Thanks for coming to find out more about how I work.


I have a relational approach to counselling and psychotherapy. You might be asking, what does that mean?

Here are the key parts.

At the heart of my approach is the idea that our relationships in the past and present influence our thoughts, feelings and behaviour and that our therapeutic relationship can bring about change.

​Above all, I offer a safe, welcoming and confidential space where you can explore your difficulties, talk about your thoughts and feelings, feel heard, understood and accepted, and make sense of your past and present experiences.


I will also work with you to explore how you relate to yourself and those around you, empowering you to decide on new ways forward, so that you can live a more satisfying life.  

My way of working is a combination of the warmth of person-centred therapy with relational ideas from psychodynamic therapy. I also consider concepts from transactional analysis, existential therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy as part of my practice. ​

If it sounds like I might be a good fit for you, please contact me to discuss your needs and how we can go forward.

Common issues:






Low self-esteem/confidence


Feeling empty or dissatisfied with life




Relationship issues

Life choices and changes

Impact of childhood or past events

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