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Forms of Counselling

Here is information about the different types of counselling that I offer to help you decide what would be the best fit for you.

In-person / Face-to-face counselling


For face-to-face sessions we meet in-person at a therapy centre that is in a quiet part of Leeds City Centre and in near reach of parking and public transport. Meeting in-person might be convenient for you if you work or live in the city centre or if you have nowhere private at home to speak on a video call or on the phone.

To keep us as safe as possible and reduce the risk of the spread of Covid-19, there are some additional measures for us to follow temporarily. You can find them here.​

Online counselling


Online counselling involves us having sessions on a video conferencing platform from the comfort of your own home. I use a video conferencing platform called Zoom. We can see each other as in face-to-face counselling, but you have the convenience of being online. However, the nature of webcams means that we will not see each other as fully as if we were in the same room together.

If you want to have sessions online but you do not want the webcams on, we can agree to do that and have sessions that are very similar to telephone counselling. There is also the option to adjust the settings on Zoom on computers, so that you cannot see yourself during our sessions.

If we agree to have sessions using Zoom, I will let you know how to join them at the agreed time.

Phone counselling

Telephone counselling is therapy at a distance like online video counselling but without the visual aspects. Speaking by telephone may appeal to you if you are not able to find a suitable place to talk on a computer, or the simplicity of talking by phone appeals to you.

Although we will not be able to see each other, some non-verbal communication can be carried in our tone of voice or the pace of speech. However, not being able to see each other may mean that we need more verbal communication to reduce misunderstandings.


I would start a session by calling you at an agreed time.

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